New Flea Market in Bangkok – The Camp Vintage Flea Market


    At the end of March 2018, a new super market grassroots market opened in Bangkok, Thailand. The night market was the dominant part of the market, and some of the time was open. The new market was just behind the weekend market.

    There are mainly two parts here. The shops here are open from Tuesday to Sunday and from 11am to evening. The store mainly sells vintage-style items, including fashion, home furnishings, etc. Each of them has some feels fresh and comfortable. There is a eating area in the train area behind the shop and the opening hours are the same.

    The other part of the market is a flea market. The opening hours are from Friday to the evening. Everybody remembers to pay attention to avoid being in the middle! The products sold here are all like Art Box, jewelry, clothes, tote bag, and so on. Even the salespersons in each stall are dressed up!

    In the flea market, there is a stall selling clothes called 7th Street. Dong Yinmei often wears clothes from this shop and often goes to FB. It was originally designed by the boyfriend of Dong Yin Mei. of!

    Thai people have a strong sense of environmental protection, so there are also many green bags for sale here. Each one is different styles, trendy design, take the street and never be rude.

    On the other side of the flea market is a diet-based area that feels very authentic. For example, fried noodles from northern Thailand are only 60 baht, which is very much worthy! The general skewers, local hand-made snacks, authentic Thai food, etc. can also be found inside.

    It turns out that the boss here is the same person as the owner of the train night market. The boss has a special liking for the train, but no trace of the train can be found in any of the two night markets. Today’s wish was finally fulfilled, and finally the real train was found in this night market! These train trucks will be different food stalls. There is already one opened, and you may have to help with it. This is the train of raw shrimp!

    Earlier exposure in different social media was extremely high, and you may have read related reports. Raw shrimp is being placed in this river. All of them are still alive and swaying. Which one is the favorite clip. It must be killed in a bowl before it is burned. It may be a bit cruel. Whether you want to try this method of eating you will not forget it. However, the price here is more expensive than the outside, with more than 900 people. The store claims that it is because the shrimp and other food here are larger than the outside, such as cuttlefish, squid, oysters, crabs and so on. And this price already includes some cooked food and drinks. It’s just a matter of value, and it’s not a matter of value, and seafood is not always worth it. Every time you come, it’s very fresh. So before everyone comes, consider these factors.

    In addition, there are a large number of street food offerings, some of which are very creative, such as burning pork ribs, mango sticky rice, etc., as well as a 450-inch, long-handed oversized only burning shrimp! Shopping is also unique in that it can find some special products, such as these cups, ceramic cups with different cartoon characters, as long as 35铢 one, and it is a packaged drink, you can drink a cup Go, it’s arrived!

    Apart from being able to buy food and drink, there are a lot of shadows that you can keep. For example, these antique cars have different styles. There are also a number of nostalgic rooms in which retro sofas, world maps, military sculptures, motorcycles, etc. can be photographed. I once said in the program: “The stone he is becoming jade.”

    The boss here was a long time ago a salesman, a very peddler very grassroots, has now become a millionaire, the market opened one after another, but there are still a lot of antique cars, motorcycles can take pictures .

    At night, the night market is another scene. There are different music around, very lively. I believe it will be more crowded and popular in the future.

    To get here, just take the subway to Kamphaeng Phet Station. Exit 1 is just out of Lebanon!