Watergate Street Food Sunday Brunch – Amaya Food Gallery


    As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will be surprised by the high ceilings and 450-seat dining area. On the buffet table there is the chef’s live cooking station where diners can see for themselves the cooks to provide them with ingredients and cook their food. The dining area is spacious, while the floor-to-ceiling windows on the right side of the restaurant allow plenty of natural light to come in and make the dining environment more comfortable.

    Amaya Food Gallery’s Sunday buffet brunch is very rich and there are eight areas. First there is a “live carving station”, an area where a lot of different meats are placed. Steaks, roast lamb racks, pork chops, chicken, etc. will be roasted in front of you and exudes bursts of scent. The opposite is a DIY salad bar, offering a choice of fresh vegetables.

    The Indian cuisine area offers different delicious Indian dishes, including vegetarian dishes. Traditional Indian dishes such as biryani, curry, Indian barbecue, garlic cheese, etc. are all available to let you experience the authentic Indian style.

    The next area is definitely the most popular area. It usually takes a bit of queuing time. This is the seafood and Japanese cuisine area that you would like to eat. A variety of fresh seafood is placed on the ice, such as Alaskan crabs, New Zealand dollar shellfish, river prawns, blue crabs, etc., which are as high as the hills. The oysters are also available for diners from Korea, Ireland and France.

    These are all other points. Remember to bring your own table number label when you choose. Japanese cuisine is also served here, such as sushi and fish dishes. However, in the ointment, sushi is a relatively large meal and the fish above it is relatively small, and each time the fish is taken is relatively small, and the diners who love to eat may have to take a few more shots.

    Behind the Open bar is the Italian meal area, which offers pasta, foie gras and Italian cold cuts. However, the amount of foie gras is a little less.

    The Cheese room is believed to be a favorite of many people, with several cheeses from different places. And there are many condiments and ingredients that can be chosen to match different flavors of cheese.

    The Chinese-Thai Mix Dining Area features a series of Hong Kong-style dim sum and delicious Hong Kong-style grilled meat, including pork roast, roast duck, crispy pork belly and suckling pig, etc. The taste and sales are all very authentic. Thai food, such as somtum, can be customized according to the personal taste of the diners, as long as you tell the chef what you want to do on it!

    After dinner is the dessert section, there are many Thai local and Western desserts. Ice cream, pancakes, chocolate fountains, traditional Thai desserts, shaved ice with syrup, and much more can all satisfy the needs of different diners.

    The last part is the open bar, which offers soft drinks, fresh juice, wine and champagne. However, it should be noted that self-service brunch charges are now priced at 1,500 铢++ per person, without drinks. If you want to enjoy a drink, add another amount of money.

    There is also a special place in the children’s playroom inside the cheese room. There are a lot of comics and children’s games, so parents can enjoy a comfortable lunch at the Amaya Food Gallery.

    I also introduced the dinner buffet here. Immediately check out a few moments!