Green and freshFour-faced God


    In mid-March 18, Bangkok’s Divine God had a new appeal. It was hoped that the good faith of the visit would not be incense and candlestick. The reason was to improve air quality and protect nature.

    Since this appeal was announced, many friends have been very happy and will not be incense, but they will all be symbolic.

    This is actually a good policy, because first, besides avoiding air pollution, secondly, friends who have come to worship are aware that the incense is extremely strong. In fact, it is sometimes burned by incense sticks. The most unpleasant thing is that after the incense candle is inserted, the future wish has already been blown out by the wind, causing basically no difference between the point and the point.

    So some people will question if God does not hear people’s demands if they don’t smell it. In fact, to worship God, the most important thing is to have a heart and soul. All along, God has not been able to tell you about certain points. Since there is this admonition, everyone can abide by it. I also learned from the relevant departments that they also said that they are actually only admonitions, not regulations. If everyone sticks to the point of incense, they will not take action and will not arrest you. However, it is of course best for everyone to protect nature.

    In addition, it was also said that if the incense sticks are not in place, will those incense candles be reused or brought back for sale? It can be suggested that everyone can fold the incense candle when they worship, so the vendors can’t get it back and sell it, so that the makers of the incense burners can continue to survive and continue to supply, otherwise all of them will be recycled. The industry leading to incense has become slightly slimmer. So everyone comes to God, remembering that it is not necessarily impossible, but it is better not to light incense.